Product Features

Easy Test Point Expansion & Distribution
Very High Voltage (4,400 VDC / 3,200 VAC)
RLC Component Measurement
High Measurement Accuracy
Extremely Fast Test Speeds
Functional Testing of Control Assemblies
Automated Fiber Optics Testing
Reduction of Adaptation Cable Length
MIL 810 & MIL 1553 Certification
User-Friendly Software




Test Solutions
for Cable, Harness, Backplane & Functional Requirements

WEETECH sets the industry standard in manufacturing quality test solutions for Cable, Harness, Backplane and Functional requirements. Our world-class team recognizes that it is paramount to anticipate, understand and design adaptable systems versatile enough to meet evolving customer requirements and industry trends – and we back it up with impeccable service.


Welcome To WEETECH North America


The complete range of our premier product line delivers best-in-class features that are fast, accurate, expandable and easy to use. We are confident that you will be impressed with our quality test solutions, and we wish to thank you in advance for your valuable business.




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