Automotive industry

Save and efficient testing of time critical applications with a high diversity

Evolving requirements for safety, ecology and comfort have made our vehicles more and more complex. Today, passenger cars, trucks and even agricultural machinery such as tractors are equipped with complex electric, electronic and non-electronic systems such as motor management, board computer, assistance systems, electrical power units and hybrid technology.

Megatrends demonstrate that in the future a stronger individualization, new mobility patterns, increasing digitalization and connectivity as well as new approaches for energy and its management will have a strong impact on these systems—and with that also on their production.

Testing these systems requires high-end technology. Test systems from WEETECH meet these requirements and cover a broad range of tests—from the “simple” cable test, to the functional test, to the test of bus systems or entire components.

Features and benefits

  • Modular designed test systems can be adjusted exactly to local situation and the specific requirements of the unit under test
    • In case of a modified testing environment additional features can be added or activated
  • Our software solutions offer interfaces to ERP* systems to test a broad variety of options on one production line
  • Bi-directional remote control of adaption modules or to activate peripheral devices such as marking systems
  • Rapid testing times allow for seamless maintaining of given cycle times in an automated manufacturing environment
  • Wide range of applications: wire harnesses with low voltage of 12 V, 24 V or new 48 V technology, or with high voltage (e.g. according to LV 123** for electric cars or hybrid vehicles) can be tested.

*ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning
**LV 123:"Electrical properties and electrical safety of high-voltage components in road vehicles; requirements and tests." (AUDI, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen)

Automotive industry

Automotive industry
Cable test, function test, assembly test - safe and efficient.


WK 260 MU
WK 260 PC
W 434
W 484 / W 484 PLUS

Actual applications

WK 260 PC with ID-Chip-Detection
Cable harness for hybrids
POF harness
Relay and fuse box
Vehicle door panel

Areas of application

  • Cables and harnesses
  • Switches and operating devices
  • Bus systems
  • Polymer Optical Fibres (POF)
  • Sub-assemblies and components
  • Vehicle parts
  • Harnesses for hybrids