Railway and transportation

Flexible, modular high voltage test systems for cable test and functional test

The invention of railway brought an unknown mobility to human kind. It allowed to broaden the horizon and further to exchange goods over a wide distance. To accelerate these heavy vehicles high voltages with up to 25,000 V are needed. This makes high demands on relating components and sub-assemblies, such as driver’s cabins, switchboards and harnesses. But also air conditioning, WIFI-Hotspot and other extensive comfort equipment increases the complexity of the electric installation.

An even stronger urbanization, changes in mobility patterns and increasing digitalization and networking make even higher demands on future railway systems. In case of error customer satisfaction, keeping of time tables or in extreme cases security and safety are at risk.

Test systems from WEETECH are ideally prepared for this broad range of applications and the special conditions of the railway and transportation industry.

Features and Benefits:

  • Efficient test systems for the functional test with rated voltages or insulation test with up to 5,100 VDC or 3,600 VAC
  • Modular designed test systems can be adjusted exactly to local situation and the specific requirements of the unit under test
  • Distributed switching matrix for easy final inspection of trains or train segments
    • Optional extension units and matrix cases allow for up to 500,000 test points
    • Short adaption cables increase measurement accuracy and save costs and space
    • Weight optimized matrix cases facilitate handling
  • Compact, portable testers allow for functional tests of sub-assemblies directly at the place of installation (e.g. inter-vehicle jumper systems, driver’s cabins, electrical enclosures)
Railway and transport industry

Railway and transport industry
Flexible, modular test systems for a wide range of tasks


W 434
W 454
W 454 HV / W 454 SHV


Driver’s Cabin and Electrical Enclosure
Train Sections and Cars

Areas of application

  • Cables and harnesses
  • Components and sub-assemblies
  • Switchboards
  • Train segments or complete trains