Twisted-Pair Test

In the communications sector twisted wires are a simple and therefore frequently used protection against electromagnetic influences.


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Figure 1: Two twisted pairs


A usual open test or short test can only detect failures, if the connection from one test point to another one is incorrectly wired. But there are cases of faulty wiring, where the right test points are connected but not the right (twisted) pairs of wires have been used.



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Figure 2: Two twisted pairs with a single wiring fault at each end


To detect even those kind of failures, some test systems from WEETECH can run a twisted pair test. It measures the capacity of the twisted wires and compares it with the programmed target value. It is performed by the integrated RLC meter (see RLC measurement). The twisted pair test allows already for wires of only a few centimetres of length the detection of the difference between twisted or parallel cables.

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