Driver’s cabin and electrical enclosure

Connection test, high voltage test and functional test of electrical enclosure components for trains with a W 454 HV test system

Testing requirements

A supplier produces complete switching units and drivers-cab control panels for locomotives and trains. The functionality of these components is time critical for the final assembly. For this reason there are tight testing regulations implemented to test the complex harnesses and functionality of relays. Following these regulations is mandatory for the overall safety in railway transportation.


The respective test program starts in CEETIS after the individual component is been identified with a barcode reader. The WEETCH-designed feature Adapter Cable Library (ACL) supports the user when connecting the W 454 HV Test System with the unit under test (UUT). It allows the operator to connect the adapter cables at any given connector at the test system. At the same time it monitors the procedure for accuracy and completeness.

The automatic procedure first tests all connections within the wiring (continuity and short circuit with low voltage). Afterwards the test system leads the operator with text, image and audio signals through the functional test.

During the final high voltage test the individual wiring groups are tested with different voltages—of course by strictly following all required safety regulations.

Finally the end result is recorded and for the reason of traceability the results of the single test steps are transmitted to the customer’s data base and archived.

Result / characteristics

The automatic test run that replaces several manual procedures as well as the adapter cable management increases the efficiency of testing significantly. Reproducibility and traceability are also important quality features.