Solar panels of satellites

Electrical test of solar panels for the power supply of satellites with a W 454 test system

Testing requirements

Today almost exclusively solar panels are used for the energy supply of satellites. Both power demand and requirements have increased significantly within the past years. Hence the proper function of the solar cells as well as their connection and wiring is absolutely mandatory and needs to be ensured.


The solar panels are tested with a W 454 Test System, equipped with 256 combi points. Combi points are wired in a way that they can be used either as a test point or a power point. In this present case three signals can be switched onto any pin in the output connector.

Besides wiring test, component test and high voltage test a functional test with programmable sources and loads is performed. Circuits of the solar panels are triggered with 28 VDC and the current drain is measured. Available protection and bypass diodes are tested with voltages up to 500 V and currents up to 1 A.

Result / characteristics

The proper functioning of the solar panels is for a space mission of utmost importance. Just in case they wouldn’t unfold or unfold incompletely or their efficiency would be limited the success of a mission could be in question. The complete electrical verification of harness, wiring and functioning with systems from WEETECH is mandatory for a successful mission.