Wiring of satellites

High voltage test of the wiring of satellites with a W 454 test system

Test requirements

Satellites are designed for an extremely long lifetime. All wired components are exposed extreme acceleration forces and vibrations during launch phase. In the orbit, UV, solar and cosmic radiation let the materials age at a record pace and become brittle. Temperatures can reach levels as cold as -200 °C in the shadow and up to 200 °C sun faced.

Electric components and their connections need to ensure the proper functioning of the board equipment and systems. All components for the electrical signal transmission such as cables, connector plugs, clamping pedestals, pins or backplanes are inspected against smallest failures or damages.


Cable harnesses and wiring with up to 40,000 measurement points are tested with a W 454 Test System. The connections are verified with the four terminal measurement principle in the mOhm range. This principle allows to eliminate the resistances of the adaption cables by using separated so-called force (power) and sense (measurement) lines.

After a successful verification of the components and the twisted lines in the pF range the quality of the insulation is tested with resistances in the GOhm range.

Result / characteristics

The investment into a W 454 Test System as well as the enormous testing efforts are negligible compared to a launch delay, damages during the launch phase or malfunction in routine.