Train sections and cars

Continuity test and high voltage test of passenger cars with a W 454 HV test system

Testing requirements

When producing complete trains the correctness of the complete harness is mandatory before it can be brought into operation. Therefore the complex harness of individual passenger cars needs to be tested automatically by following the test instructions very carefully.


Each individual car is identified and the respective test program starts in CEETIS. Supported by the Adapter Cable Library (ACL) feature (including planning of the adaption and plug detection via ID chip) the car is being connected with the test system. The plugs can be inserted in any position while the test system verifies the adaption automatically for completeness and correctness.

Once started the test sequences run automatically. First, all connections of the harness are tested for continuity and short circuit.

Afterwards, by following all safety regulations, the high voltage test is being processed. With various voltage levels the different groups of harnesses are tested according to the regulations of DIN EN 50343. During this step it is tested if the required insulation values for the different voltage levels can be achieved.

Finally the end results are recorded. All individual processed test steps and results are captured and transmitted into the customer’s data base, where they can be retrieved at any time.

Result / characteristics

Besides reproducibility and traceability of test results, it’s the Adapter Cable Library and the automatic test run that are important criteria. They lead to fast and predictable start of operations allowing for more exact cycling times in production.