Test of individually equipped DSL racks and sub-distribution panels for telecommunication purposes with a W 434 test device

Testing requirements

A leading brand name manufacturer and full line provider produces telecommunication, data-network and optical-fibre components and equips DSL racks and sub-distribution panels for use in telecommunication services. These need to be tested for accurate wiring as well as insulation and shielding.


The W 434 test device that had been configured for this purpose offers 896 test points and is controlled via the CEETIS Smart Programming and Testing Software.

The operator captures the unit under test (UUT) by using a hand-held barcode scanner. The system loads the respective test program and its parameters. The operator than connects the racks or sub panels on their connectors via self-made hand-adaptation devices with the test system.

After launching the test the W 434 tester verifies with low voltage if all lines work accurately (connection test) or if a short circuit occurs (short test). In case of an error a further damage to the UUT in the following high voltage test can be avoided. If both tests have been rated with "PASS", it validates with 1,500 VDC the insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

At the end of the test the test program reports the result back to the PC where it will be documented and archived according to the customer’s guidelines. In case of error, the UUT would be reworked directly at the testing place and retested.

Result / characteristics

The customer preferred the W 434 test device from WEETECH over a low-budget solution because of its short turn-around time and its high accuracy. Further criteria for the buying decision were the flexibility and the easy and safe programming and operation.