Vehicle door panel

Wiring test and functional test of vehicle doors in a fully-automated production system with a W 434 test device

Testing requirements

An automotive supplier produces complete door panels with integrated electric installations just in time for a car manufacturer. The supply chain management ensures the availability of all products in the requested quantity and quality.

The individual door panels differentiate from each other through customized configurations (e.g. sound system/speaker, mirror adjustment, central locking and window lifters) and need to be tested individually (connection test, functional test).


The plugs of the different door panels are connected by the operator with the test system by using pneumatic hand-held adapters. Contacting is managed by spring contact probes.

Through a barcode scanner (part of the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)) the production system selects the parameters of the unit under test (UUT) and forwards them to the CEETIS Programming and Testing Software.

The CEETIS Module Test Manager generates the test program automatically from a range of individual, pre-defined modules, matching exactly the configuration of the respective UUT.

Wiring test and functional test run accordingly to the generated test program. The test result is reported back to the ERP system and archived. Depending on the test result the door panels are either finished or forwarded to the reworking station.

Result / characteristics

Testing a variety of different optional configurations is completed within the given cycle times. The W 434 Test System from WEETECH was chosen because of its flexibility, the easy and secure communication with the customer-specific production system and above all because of its fast turn-around times.