W 444

The compact entry into the high voltage test

The W 444 Cable Tester and Functional Tester offers an economic entry into the class of high voltage testers. Voltages up to 2,250 VDC / 1,500 VAC and currents up to 3 A enable the testing of safety-related cables and harnesses as required above all in the aerospace industry, the railway industry as well as the automotive industry.

The W 444 Test Device can be configured in its compact, portable 19-inch cabinet for a wide variety of individual applications. It offers up to 1,280 test points.

  • High voltages up to 2,250 VDC in a compact, portable system
  • Economic entry into the High-End Test
  • High voltages up to 2,250 VDC / 1,500 VAC
  • Non-hazardous according to DIN EN 61010 because of current limitation
  • Programmable current source up to 3 A
  • Depending on the model up to 265 or 1,280 test points
  • Portable 19-inches cabinet
  • Functional test for voltages that are not dangerous to touch
  • Internal / external generators up to 25 VAC / 60 VDC connectable for the functional test
  • RLC meter to measure user-defined combinations of resistance (R), inductance (L) and capacity (C) with programmable frequencies
  • Accurate resistance measurement from 3 mOhm through four terminal measurement
  • Flexible setting of test point cards with different voltage specifications for an economic configuration
  • Convenient Autoprog function: connections and networks of a golden sample can be thread in automatically and imported to the PC for further processing
  • Easy development of the test program on a standard PC
  • Integration into customer-specific ERP* systems

*ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

W 444 Test Device (Front View)
W 444 Test Device (Front View)

Typical areas of application

  • Tests of cables and harnesses, e.g. in the aerospace industry
  • Tests of subassemblies and components, e.g. in the railway industry

Supported test types

  • Connection test
  • Short test
  • Component test
  • Insulation test
  • Electric strength test 
  • Functional test of switches and push buttons
  • Functional test of relays
  • Component test with RLC meter


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