WK 260 DC

The flexible, fast and reliable backplane tester

The WK 260 DC is the optimal tester for backplane wiring. The UUT is adapted directly via plug-in circuit boards, so-called paddle cards. The very simple and direct adaptation as well as the elimination of the wiring effort allows a very fast test procedure. The individually designed paddle cards can be adapted to the mating connectors in any order. This reduces the risk of mix-ups during adaptation. Due to the small number of cables and the tidy testing environment, errors are avoided and the reliability of the tester is increased. The structured programming of the test sequence as well as the clear operation during the test is carried out with the IVISion Studio software.

  • High test speed through the use of new technologies and new test algorithms
  • External voltage resistant test point cards
  • Extended functionality by connecting external voltages up to 50 V via stationary test points
  • Extension to up to 20,480 test points possible
  • High flexibility, as each pin can be freely defined as a
    • Test point - wiring and measurement of current and voltage
    • LED point - control of LEDs in the hand adapter or module table
    • Connector detection - presence detection of all connectors of a cable harness before the electrical test
    • Detection points - presence detection of non-electrical components such as interlocks in a connector or clips on the cable harness.
  • Stationary test points
    • Additional definition of power points possible for controlling switching operations during function test
  • Daisy-Chain
    • Reliable measurement results due to test point cards directly on the adapter cassettes
  • Feed-in of voltages up to 50 V e.g. for the function test of relays or electronic components
  • Accurate current and voltage measurement
  • Accurate measurement in the low impedance range with thresholds below 1 Ohm possible;
  • Numerous diagnostic options for generator, measuring devices, test points, external voltage and LEDs
  • Short test times through the use of a single-point matrix
  • Independent addressing and identification of test point cards in the system
  • Automatic detection of test points, LED points, power points and connector detection points
  • Adapter cassettes can be adapted to your own needs
  • Control via the Ethernet interface enables connection to any standard computer
  • Automation via control interface
  • Many new functions and commands facilitate the creation of test programmes
  • Easy conversion of test programmes from IVIS 5 or IVIsion 3
  • Effortless import of test programmes or data sets (e.g. naming of pins) from Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Graphical representation of faults for quick localisation in the UUT
  • Continuous testing of detected errors in the background shows them until they are corrected (AutoStart/CommandBlock mode)
  • Flexible module test for testing different variants on one system (KSK, customised cable set, etc.)

® Microsoft and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, United States.

WK 260 DC tester with paddle cards
WK 260 DC tester with paddle cards

Typical application types

  • Connection test and insulation test on backplanes (backplane wiring)
  • Radar application, military, aerospace, telecommunications
  • Compact PCI, Advanced TCA und weitere
  • Inspection of component damage, short circuits or missing connections in press-fit technology
  • Function test in racks via stationary test points

Supported test types

  • Connection test
  • Final test
  • Component test
  • Function test of buttons and switches
  • Relay function test


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