W 434

The variable and flexible test device

The W 434 Test device for the cable test and the functional test can be ideally adjusted to the needs of the automotive industry, electrical engineering and the medical device industry by combining different types of low voltage and high voltage generators as well as a RLC meter. It can be seamlessly integrated into an automated production system and manages testing of different variants.

As soon as the testing specifications change, hardware options of the generators can be released subsequently by a firmware upgrade. You don’t have to finalize your decision when purchasing and can react flexibly on new demands.

  • High performance in a compact design
  • Broad variety of tests: low voltage test, high voltage test, functional test
  • Future-proof decision: hardware extension by firmware upgrade
  • Compact single-board generator saves space and reduces costs
  • Programmable current source up to 1 A
  • Test point modules with 64 test points for a maximum density of measurement points
  • Hybrid modules with 64 test points or 64 power points to switch voltages up to 25 VAC / 60 VDC
  • Combi modules with 32 or 64 test points and 8, 32 or 64 power points
  • Extension to up to 6,656 test points with ETE 434 expansion units possible
  • Hardware extension by firmware upgrade possible
  • Several high voltage generators up to 1,500 VDC / 1,060 VAC
  • External generators for functional tests up to 60 VDC / 25 VAC
  • RLC meter to measure any combination of resistance (R), inductance (L) and capacity (C) with programmable frequencies
  • Convenient Autoprog function: networks and components of a golden sample are captured automatically and exported to the PC for further editing
  • Easy development of the test program on a standard PC
  • Integration into customer-specific ERP systems
  • Innovative ID-chips for a random connection of adaptation cables on any outlet
    • No time-consuming allocation of plugs
    • No failures through incorrect connections

Typical areas of application

  • Functional tests of subassemblies and components of all industries

Supported test types

  • Connection test
  • Short test
  • Component test
  • Insulation test
  • Electric strength test
  • Functional test of switches and push buttons
  • Functional test of relays
  • Component test with RLC meter


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Actual applications

Vehicle door panel
Vehicle door panel

DSL rack
DSL rack

Connector plugs
Connector plugs

PV-module terminal box
PV-module terminal box