Pin Table

The pin table is a systematic list of all test points (pins) and it can be edited with the user software. The breadth of information can vary.

It always contains a numeric list (e.g. 1.1 – 3.64) and the corresponding system-internal description in dependence of the test point module (e.g. 1.a1 or 3.c32). This description matches always the description of the used outlet plug in the test point module.

Every connection point resp. test point can also be named with an individual name, relating to the technical connection points of the adaption or the unit under test (UUT), e.g. from the CAD data of a cable harness.

In case connection points are named individually in the pin table, these can be used during the development of test programs. Also in the electrical test and during logging these names specific to the UUT are used.

If no special pin table was developed for a UUT, the system-internal pin descriptions need to be used in the editor when developing a test program (see above).