Test Point Module

A test point module consists of one or more test point cards and a front plate module. A test point is a pin / connection point in the output connector of a front plate module. The entirety of test points is called switching matrix.

With the test point module the test points are connected with the generator and the measurement units. Test point modules can be arranged in a single point matrix or in a dual point matrix. Both versions can be used side by side in one test system.

Besides the straight test point cards—depending on the model—other cards are used in WEETECH Test Systems:

  • Test point card to interconnect measurement signals
  • Power card to interconnect external voltages: this way relays can be controlled for a functional test
  • Hybrid card: the card can either be used as a test point card or as a power card.
  • High current card: the card can be loaded with high currents (up to 25 A) e.g. for a high voltage test.