Unit Under Test (UUT)

A unit under test (UUT) is the object that is being tested. It is also known as device under test (DUT).

The connection points (e.g. plugs) are connected via the adaption with the test points of the test system.

In a simple electrical test the test system validates the connection inside the UUT by measuring the connection between a two test points that are connected via the adaption with the UUT. In case there are relays integrated into the unit under test, special commands can initiate switching operations (remote). Afterwards, the change within the connection or the change of electrical values (e.g. current, voltage) can be measured (functional test).

Depending on the test system, used generator and integrated measuring unit, calculations with the measured values of current and voltage enable a variety of applications (low voltage test or high voltage test):

In case a manufacturer has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, often test results need to be logged and saved in a database for retracing and for further analysing in statistics.