A database is a computer-based system for organizing and storing data in form of records.

The systems as they are used at WEETECH follow the relational database system and are managed through the SQL computer language. During logging different kinds of data are collected independently of each other and by using special keys in the form of records. When querying the data, e.g. in statistics, they are put in relation to each other based on these keys.

Records can be the definition of connections from one test point to another one, the description of repeating components or sub-assemblies or a test report:

In case diagnostics (validation of generator, measuring units and switching matrix in the test point module) follow, it could make sense to store the result of the diagnostics in the database for retracing issues, as well. Possibly this could be mandatory due to special industry standards, e.g. in case of a certification regarding to ISO 9001.