Open Test

The open test is also known as connection test or continuity test. It is an essential part of a cable test, along with the short test.

The open test is a low voltage test that verifies connections between one test point and another or entire networks. The name is derived from the error case: an electrical test to detect any open connections is performed.

Therefore in general a generator supplies a programmed current und the voltage at the unit under test (UUT) is being measured. In case the deduced resistance value is lower than the threshold value the test step is rated as PASS. In the other case it will be rated as FAIL.

Often, a short test follows an open test to detect any unwanted connection between two test points or networks.

In case a manufacturer has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001, the test results need to be logged for each UUT and stored for retracing or statistical reasons in a database.