ATE - Automated Test Equipment

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is a general terminology for measurement devices used for testing in production processes. Their functions can be programmed centrally or locally and run automatically. The results can be processed and buffered in the ATEs but they can also be managed and stored centrally. The functionality therefore goes far beyond the applications in typical cable testing.

Test systems from WEETECH are modularly designed and their functionality can be upgraded.

The test programs for WEETECH test systems can be generated from CAD files or written in the editor. The procedure of an electrical test (open test, short test, insulation test etc.) runs automatically.

During the following logging the results are stored for further processing (e.g. statistics) in a database (optionally in the ERP* network). For automated testing solutions WEETECH takes care about the integration into production lines including handling of the unit under test (UUT), sorting and identification marking, e.g. via coining units, controlled by the tester via remote commands.

*ERP = Enterprise Resources Planning